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Basic breadcrumbs and taxonomy

Part 1 of "making taxonomy work my way".

For those of you that use Drupal, and that want to get more out of its taxonomy system: in this, the first instalment of my three-part "howto" on taxonomy, I will show you how to make Drupal's breadcrumbs reflect a taxonomy hierarchy the way they should. I will also provide important foundations for the more advanced patches that are covered later in the series.


Vive la HTML

HTML - otherwise known as HyperText Markup Language - is the simplest, the most powerful, the most accessible, and the most convertible electronic document format on the planet. Read about why it's better than its two main rivals - Word and PDF - and why you should start using it for any and all documents that you create.


Why junk collecting is good

Are you ashamed of your weird collection(s)? Don't be - I'm not! Read about why ticket collecting and other seemingly pointless activities are actually worthwhile, despite being... well, yes, I admit, pointless.


Always read the book first

After a recent experience where watching the movie ruined my subsequent reading of the book, I've decided to be firmer than ever in my opinion that reading the book first is always a good idea.

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