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GreenAsh encourages the free and open exchange of information and opinion via the Internet. As such, you are welcome to become a participating member of the GreenAsh community, by leaving comments on this site However, there are a number of rules that must be followed at all times. The following is a list of unacceptable commenting practices:

  1. Malicious posting. Any attempt to compromise all or part of this web site, through the use of malicious posting practices, including but not limited to embedded scripting, SQL injection, or tag breaking, is expressly forbidden. This site employs a number of security measures that are designed to identify and to block the abovementioned techniques, so it is highly unlikely that such an attack on GreenAsh would actually be successful. But even the mere attempt to publish a malicious posting is forbidden, regardless of its effect or lack thereof. Any recognised attempts to post malicious content are logged, so that site administrators can then identify and act against the perpetrators of these offences.
  2. Spamming. The posting of any material on this site that constitutes SPAM is expressly forbidden. SPAM includes but is not limited to: unsolicited advertising; irrelevant or 'flamebait' material; and links to external web sites that are included in a post for no legitimate reason. SPAM also involves such material being posted on this site in excessive (i.e. non-reasonable) quantities. As with malicious posting, measures are also in place to prevent comment SPAM from hitting this web site, and attempts to publish such comments are logged.
  3. Foul language. The use of foul language in excessive quantities, or of particularly strong offence, is not allowed on this site. GreenAsh allows the use of mild profanities in moderation. However, visitors should be aware that this is a business site as well as a personal blog. As such, it is considered important to maintain a high standard for all the content on this site, and user-contributed comments that are considered to be damaging to this site's reputation or professional image will not be tolerated.
  4. Offensive behaviour. Any content that other visitors to this site may consider offensive or personally insulting is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: remarks that may be deemed racist, sexist, or bigotist; remarks that are aimed at personally insulting other visitors; or inciteful or slanderous comments. As the Internet is a democracy, and as GreenAsh is a proud supporter of the Internet's democratic regime, criticism of GreenAsh — such as commenting on its services or its posts — is allowed and encouraged, as long as the criticism is intelligent and substantiated, rather than unfounded or offensive in any way.
  5. Criminal activities. Any attempts to post content of a criminal nature on this web site, including but not limited to child pornography, instructions on how to produce or assemble illegal devices (e.g. bombs or firearms), or the use of GreenAsh as a meeting-place for the planning of criminal activities, is expressly forbidden. GreenAsh Services is a registered Australian business, and as such it will not tolerate any content on this site that constitutes a breach of Australian or international law.
  6. Inappropriate content. The posting of any content that is deemed to be inappropriate is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: pornography, or any attempts to represent pornographic content (e.g. as ASCII art); links to sites whose content includes online gambling, pornography, racial hatred, or anything of an illegal nature; or content that is of a particularly disturbing nature (e.g. horror themes, drug abuse). It cannot be stated strongly enough that intelligent and substantiated criticism does not constitute inappropriate content on this site. Ever. Content that ignites positive community discussion, or content that brings to light difficult or controversial issues, is encouraged rather than forbidden. If you feel that any content you posted on GreenAsh has been wrongly identified as inappropriate (and has been censored), then please get in touch explaining your case, and the decision to block your contribution will be reviewed.

The administrators of this web site reserve the right to decide, on a case-by-case basis, what constitutes a breach of any of the abovementioned offences. Actions that may be taken against those who violate the abovementioned rules include (but are not limited to):

  1. Editing, moderation, unpublishing, or removal of posts or comments from this web site;
  2. The blocking of any or all logged IP addresses that can reasonably be associated with forbidden practices; and
  3. In extreme cases, such as the posting of serious illegal content of a criminal nature, the handing over of all available information to authorities, and full co-operation with authorities in any way that is required.

Use of content

All content on this site is freely available. However, each item of content is still the intellectual property of its author (all content is authored by Jeremy Epstein, unless indicated otherwise). This means that while you may look at the site's content all you want, there are some restrictions on what you can actually do with it.

The following list explains what you can do with GreenAsh content items:

  1. Read them.
  2. Make your own personal copy of them (e.g. as a file on your PC, or as a print-out).
  3. Use them as inspiration, to help you produce work of your own.
  4. Quote them (not in full) in your own work. If you do this, then you must acknowledge this web site, and the stated author of the content, as your source (use this site's name — GreenAsh Services — and its official address — — when making the reference).
  5. Show copies of them to other people.

And this list explains what you cannot do with GreenAsh content items:

  1. Distribute copies of them for profit (i.e. sell them). This includes but is not limited to: selling paper-based, electronic, or any other [forms of] copies of content items; charging a fee for communicating to someone the address of this site, or of any of its contents; or copying these content items onto a different web site, and charging a fee for access to them.
  2. Quote them without acknowledging their source (as explained above).
  3. State or imply that they are your own work, or the work of anyone else other than their true author. To do so means that you are committing plagiarism.

This policy was last revised on Sunday, 16 May, 2010, by Jeremy Epstein. GreenAsh Services reserves the right to modify this document at any time, without notification.