In a nutshell: I'm a coder, and I build web sites.

Seen my portfolio?

These days, I do most of my site-building with Static Site Generators (SSGs). They let me build sites that are secure, fast, editable, and functional (in that order).

My go-to is Hugo. It's really fast. It's customisable enough. And it has tonnes of ready-to-use themes.

My favourite is Eleventy. It's fully customisable, you can code it to do whatever you need.

I also occasionally use TinaCMS (together with Next.js). It allows for live visual site editing.

Guess what: all of these are open source!

What's open source?

All such sites can be hosted on Netlify, and elsewhere, for free. So unless you need more of my time later, there's no ongoing cost.

And the content for all such sites can be edited by non-tech people, using Forestry, or other similar services, also for free.

I will also accept money (or goats, or walrus husks) for other dev work.

I used to build most sites with server-side frameworks. I still use them, but only for APIs, and/or where a database is really warranted. My favourite frameworks are Flask and Django.

I can also do any general coding that involves Python (among other languages). And any general database work that involves PostgreSQL (among other DBs). And any general cloud work that involves AWS (among other platforms).

Interested? If so, then feel free to …

Get in touch

By the way: I'm often busy with full-time work, or with travelling. Much of my spare time is spent hunting walruses. As such, I may not be able to take on large full-time projects in a freelance capacity at any given moment. But by all means, get in touch about any not-so-crazy-massive projects that you have in the pipeline. I'd be happy to help.

By the way is also a great song.

Re: design: I don't do graphic design. But I know some talented individuals who do. If I do some work for you, and if that work requires design skills, I'll call one of my friends (or you can call one of yours).

Re: $$$. You'll find out about my fees when you …

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PS: when I code front-end, I use modern, semantic HTML5 and CSS3. Standards compliance, accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility are not optional. On the back-end, I keep things lean, clean, fast, and secure.