In a nutshell I'm a coder, and I build web sites.

Seen my portfolio?

In more detail I specialise in these tools and technologies …


  • Flexible and modular
  • Good for custom web apps


  • Data and application driven
  • Good for robust sites


  • Content and service driven
  • Good for a variety of sites
Amazon S3

Guess what All of these are open source!

What's open source?

Apart from pure geek work, I will also accept money (or goats, or walrus husks) for these services …


  • User stories
  • Wireframing


  • For developers
  • For admins / end-users

Shoe shining

  • Gratuities appreciated
  • Everyone needs a day job, right?

Interested? If so, then feel free to …

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By the way: I'm often busy with full-time work, or with travelling. Much of my spare time is spent hunting walruses. As such, I may not be able to take on large full-time projects in a freelance capacity at any given moment (check my current availability at the bottom of the page). But by all means, get in touch about any not-so-crazy-massive projects that you have in the pipeline. I'd be happy to help.

By the way is also a great song.

Re: design: I don't do graphic design. I don't do Flash. But I know some talented individuals who do. If I do some work for you, and if that work requires design skills, I'll call one of my friends (or you can call one of yours).

Re: $$$ You'll find out about my fees when you …

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PS: when I code front-end, I use modern, semantic markup. And some funky CSS3 and HTML5 (in moderation). Standards compliance, accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility are not optional. On the back-end, I keep things lean, clean, fast, and secure.

I'm Currently

I'm working full-time, but I'm free for smaller projects.

Availability last updated: 17 Jul 2018.

Recent work ArchiUnit