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The river without a river-bed

All things in nature are like a river: they flow from their source, down their long-established river-bed, until they reach their destination; they then journey until they once again reach their source, and so the cycle continues. Is humanity a river that has run astray of its river-bed, and that now follows its own course, for better or for worse?


What a mean word

Some words are perfectly suited to their alternative definitions. The word 'mean' is one of these. 'Mean' refers to the average of a set of numbers. A mean is a cruel, unforgiving, and brutally honest number: in short, it really is a mean number. Read on for more about 'mean', and about other words that have multiple but related meanings (polysemes).


The glossy future

According to science fiction, humanity should by now be exploring the depths of outer space in sleek, warp-powered vehicles. This fantastical Utopia of the 21st century, however, could hardly be further from our own reality. Will the future continue to disappoint, or will it live up to its glossy predictions?


Busker bigotry

One of life's greatest dilemnas is that you can't drop a coin to every busker that you pass in the street. So how do you decide which ones are worthy of your charity? Those with the least money? Those with the most talent? How can busker bigotry be minimised?


Desire and suffering

The Eastern Buddhist philosophy, that desire is the cause of all suffering, makes a lot of sense in terms of material wants. But when analysed in terms of more abstract desires - in particular the desire for knowledge - a challenging question becomes clear: is it good to desire some things?


The fantasy genre: an attempt to explain its success

Since their genesis, more than 50 years ago, 'fantasy' books have captivated millions of readers around the globe. But what exactly is it that makes them so popular? Having nothing better to do, I pondered this question at great length, and thought I'd share with you my conclusions on the matter.


Why junk collecting is good

Are you ashamed of your weird collection(s)? Don't be - I'm not! Read about why ticket collecting and other seemingly pointless activities are actually worthwhile, despite being... well, yes, I admit, pointless.


Always read the book first

After a recent experience where watching the movie ruined my subsequent reading of the book, I've decided to be firmer than ever in my opinion that reading the book first is always a good idea.

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