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Hierarchical URL aliasing

Part 3 of "making taxonomy work my way".

Thanks to the path module and its URL aliasing functionality, Drupal is one of the few CMSs that allows your site to have friendly and meaningful URLs for every page. In the grand finale to this series, I show you how to extend this functionality by making Drupal automatically construct hierarchical URL aliases, based on your site's taxonomy structure.


Cross-vocabulary taxonomy hierarchies

Part 2 of "making taxonomy work my way".

Category hierarchies are cool, but in Drupal's taxonomy system, they can only span one vocabulary... until now! Join me as I continue my home-renovation of the taxonomy module, by allowing a term in one vocab to have a 'distant parent' in another one. The breadcrumb improvements made in part 1 really shine here, as we generate breadcrumbs that span several vocabularies.


Basic breadcrumbs and taxonomy

Part 1 of "making taxonomy work my way".

For those of you that use Drupal, and that want to get more out of its taxonomy system: in this, the first instalment of my three-part "howto" on taxonomy, I will show you how to make Drupal's breadcrumbs reflect a taxonomy hierarchy the way they should. I will also provide important foundations for the more advanced patches that are covered later in the series.


Vive la HTML

HTML - otherwise known as HyperText Markup Language - is the simplest, the most powerful, the most accessible, and the most convertible electronic document format on the planet. Read about why it's better than its two main rivals - Word and PDF - and why you should start using it for any and all documents that you create.


Why junk collecting is good

Are you ashamed of your weird collection(s)? Don't be - I'm not! Read about why ticket collecting and other seemingly pointless activities are actually worthwhile, despite being... well, yes, I admit, pointless.


Always read the book first

After a recent experience where watching the movie ruined my subsequent reading of the book, I've decided to be firmer than ever in my opinion that reading the book first is always a good idea.

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