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An IE AJAX gotcha: page caching

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While doing some AJAX programming, I discovered a serious and extremely frustrating bug when using XMLHTTP in Internet Explorer. It appears that IE is prone to malfunctioning, unless a document accessed through AJAX has its HTTP header set to disallow caching. Beware!

A patch of flowers, a patch of code

Every gardener has a little patch of this planet that he or she loves and tends to. To these people, a patch is more than just a rectangular plot of land filled with dirt and flora. It is a living thing that needs care and attention; and in return, it brings great beauty and a feeling of fulfilment. The same is true of programmers the world over, and of the countless patches of code that they lovingly maintain throughout cyberspace.

One year of Drupal

Last week marked my first Drupalversary: I have been a member of for one year! Since starting out as yet another webmaster looking for a site management solution, I have since become an active member of the Drupal community. Now it's time to look back at the past year, to see where Drupal has come, to see what it's done for me (and vice versa), and to predict what I'll be up to Drupal-wise over the course of the next year.

Showing sneak previews in Drupal

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Drupal comes with a powerful permissions system that lets you control exactly who has access to what on your site. However, one thing that you can't do with Drupal is prohibit users from viewing certain content, but still let them see a preview of it. This quick-hack tutorial shows you how to do just that.

Hierarchical URL aliasing

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Part 3 of "making taxonomy work my way".

Thanks to the path module and its URL aliasing functionality, Drupal is one of the few CMSs that allows your site to have friendly and meaningful URLs for every page. In the grand finale to this series, I show you how to extend this functionality by making Drupal automatically construct hierarchical URL aliases, based on your site's taxonomy structure.

Cross-vocabulary taxonomy hierarchies

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Part 2 of "making taxonomy work my way".

Category hierarchies are cool, but in Drupal's taxonomy system, they can only span one vocabulary... until now! Join me as I continue my home-renovation of the taxonomy module, by allowing a term in one vocab to have a 'distant parent' in another one. The breadcrumb improvements made in part 1 really shine here, as we generate breadcrumbs that span several vocabularies.

Basic breadcrumbs and taxonomy

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Part 1 of "making taxonomy work my way".

For those of you that use Drupal, and that want to get more out of its taxonomy system: in this, the first instalment of my three-part "howto" on taxonomy, I will show you how to make Drupal's breadcrumbs reflect a taxonomy hierarchy the way they should. I will also provide important foundations for the more advanced patches that are covered later in the series.