GreenAsh ground-up videocast: Part I: Installing and configuring Drupal 4.7

This video screencast is part I of a series that documents the development of a new, real-life Drupal website from the ground up. It shows you how to download Drupal 4.7, install it, and perform some basic initial configuration tasks. Video produced by GreenAsh Services, and sponsored by Hambo Design. (11:35 min — 10.2MB H.264)

Stay tuned for part II, which will cover the installation and configuration of add-on modules, such as Views, CCK, Pathauto, and Category; and part III, which will cover custom theming with PHPTemplate.

Note: to save the video to your computer, right-click it and select 'Save Link As...' (or equivalent action). You will need QuickTime v7 or higher in order to watch the video.

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