Portfolio: Xplan Cloud


AWS infrastructure development.

Xplan Cloud

Xplan, the financial planning software developed by Iress, has traditionally been deployed "on-prem". However, times have changed, and the majority of Xplan instances are now deployed in AWS, bringing significant benefits in terms of scalability and ease of deployment.

In my final year or so at Iress, during 2020-2021, I was part of the "Project Ignite" team, whose job was to build everything necessary to power Xplan Cloud, and to migrate all on-prem Xplan instances to the cloud. This was my first time in a pure "DevOps" role, and it was a great learning experience. Tools of our trade included an impressive IaC (Terraform-powered) setup, a great many Bash scripts for use in CI, and Lambda functions (almost all in Python) to glue many disparate components together.