Portfolio: UTS Newsroom


Complete Drupal site development and deployment.

UTS Newsroom

The UTS Newsroom is the primary source of information about the University for journalists, and it also serves as a news source for the wider public. Digital Eskimo was contracted by the UTS Media and Communications Unit, to re-design and re-develop the Newsroom site. The new site was built in Drupal, and I was the lead developer for the project. As such, I built most of the front- and back-end features of the site.

Being a news site, articles are the most important pages. In developing the site, particular attention was paid to the management and presentation of images for articles: all articles have a feature image and a number of inline images, which are resized automatically after being uploaded. The site has a directory of "experts", which is provided via a back-end data feed from the Expert Guide third-party service. Additionally, there are custom Drupal modules to provide integration with some of the services provided by the legacy ColdFusion system, and a legacy data migration was also performed as part of the new site's development and switch-over.