Portfolio: UNSW Sustainability


Django templating and app development.

UNSW Sustainability

The UNSW Sustainability Office is a group that works to make the University a more environmentally responsible organisation. Digital Eskimo was contracted by the Sustainability Office, to build a web site that publicly exposes the University's electricity consumption (per building) in a meaningful and accessible way. The site is built with Django, and as an employee of DE, I was the assistant developer for the project. I built significant parts of both the front- and the back-end for the site.

The site's main feature is that, for each building, an electricity consumption data feed is read in on the back end (this feed is provided by the University), and that data is displayed on the site using the gRaphaƫl JavaScript charting library. The front page has a "leaderboard", which lists the top buildings in terms of consumption improvement or degradation over the past week, and which is designed as an incentive for the various buildings to compete for the most improved consumption.