Portfolio: UNSW Sustainability Drupal


Complete Drupal site development and deployment.

UNSW Sustainability Drupal

The UNSW Sustainability Office is a group that works to make the University a more environmentally responsible organisation. Several years ago, I helped to build the previous UNSW Sustainability web site (in Django). This year, The office commissioned a new web site to replace their previous web presence. The site is built with Drupal. In my capacity as a full-time contractor at UNSW, I was the lead developer on this project.

The new site retains the old site's key feature, the per-building energy consumption graphs and the "building energy usage leaderboard". The back-end for this was rebuilt in Drupal, while the front-end remains powered by gRaphaƫl with minimal changes. The main change is the new site's improved design, its improved navigation structure, and its richer administration interface.