Portfolio: UNSW Open Day


Complete Drupal site development and deployment.

UNSW Open Day

This is a new site to promote the University's annual Open Day, a very important event for attracting new students and for providing information about study programs and Uni life. The site is built with Drupal. In my capacity as a full-time contractor at UNSW, I was the lead developer on this project.

The site is designed to be fun and interactive. Its main theme is: "When I grow up I'm going to be…". Users are able to build a personalised event itinerary for the day, by flagging the items available in the "what's on" section. The site's main feature is heavy integration with Facebook: users can log in via Facebook, after which their Facebook profile image is shown as the "head" upon various "body" illustrations. Users can share their itinerary for Open Day on Facebook; and they can generate an image of who they "want to be" when they grow up (a screenshot API service is used for this), which can also be shared on Facebook.