Portfolio: UNSW Navigate Me


Drupal site development and custom module development.

UNSW Navigate Me

Navigate Me is an initiative of UNSW Student Life and Learning, an office of the University that provides a range of student support services. It's a custom-built Drupal site that allows authenticated students to complete a series of online surveys about their well-being, and that provides feedback related to the answers selected. In my capacity as a full-time contractor at UNSW, I was the lead developer on this project.

The site's surveys are powered by the Drupal Webform module; however, this alone was not enough to meet the project's needs. I built a custom module that allows individual answer options, in a Webform "select options" field, to be linked to nodes. This is not usually possible in Drupal, but it was necessary in order to provide feedback specific to different answers in the survey questions. I also built a custom Webform field type for the site, which mixes Drupal's JavaScript "tabledrag" functionality with the Webform "select options" field, to provide a drag-and-drop widget for some survey questions.