Portfolio: UNSW Built Environment


Drupal re-architecting and admin experience.

UNSW Built Environment

UNSW Built Environment (BE) is the University's architecture and design faculty, and is a multi-award-winning centre of both coursework and research. The Faculty commissioned a Drupal site several years ago, and the new site has been live for some time already. However, they wanted to significantly re-architect the site's back-end, particularly its content types and its navigation structure, with the aim of improving what had become a somewhat cumbersome administration experience. In my capacity as a full-time contractor at UNSW, I was the lead developer on this project.

I wrote a Drupal install profile to build and configure a new instance of the BE site, with a simpler and easier to administer content structure. This also allowed for the clean-up of the site's navigation menus, URL aliases, and other structural elements. The install profile included a routine to import all content and configuration from the old site into the new site, transforming it to conform with the changes. The site's Drupal theme was maintained with its distinctive look-and-feel.