Portfolio: The Art Rebellion


Complete Django site development and deployment.

The Art Rebellion

The Art Rebellion is "art for small people" - it's the one-person business of Gabi Wynhausen, who runs childrens' art classes in Sydney. Gabi had previously built herself a simple blog site using Google Blogger, but she wanted a more comprehensive online presence. So, as an independent freelancer, I built her a new site using Django / Mezzanine / Cartridge.

The site's main feature is the ability for users to sign up to lessons, and to pay for lessons online. The e-commerce functionality is handled by Cartridge, and payment is handled by PayPal WPS. Cartridge doesn't have PayPal WPS support as such, but I got the two of them to play nice, with some tweaking. The site also allows eBooks to be purchased and downloaded securely.