Portfolio: Quotify


Site enhancement and template improvement.


Quotify is a company that helps consumers to find the best tradespeople to match their needs. When I arrived, they had already built a Drupal site that catered to finding pest control tradespeople. However, they were looking to add the home security market into their repertoire, and they wanted to expand their site to include a dedicated area for this, and to lay a foundation that would allow for easy expansion of the site into numerous other industries.

I converted the Quotify site to use a multi-site Drupal setup, with multiple sites that share a single codebase, that share a single Drupal theme (parts of which needed to be customised per-site), and that use a mix of shared and site-specific database tables. I also improved their site's theme, making it cleaner, more accessible, and more search-engine friendly with standards-compliant markup. Quotify now has a pest control and a security sub-site, and they have the ability to rapidly add new sub-sites to meet the growing needs of their business.