Portfolio: PDGP


Drupal site development + conversion of design template into a drupal theme.


The Pilbara Division of General Practice is an association of doctors based in regional Western Australia. PDGP had an existing web site, but its design was somewhat lacking, and it required tedious work in order to perform updates. PDGP hired Steven Hambleton, proprietor of Hambo Design, to design a new visual look-and-feel for their site. Steven then contacted me, and asked me to build a Drupal solution, using his design template.

Hambo Design also sponsored me to produce a series of videocasts, documenting how I produced the site, and explaining the various Drupal modules that were used, and how they were configured. The first of these videocasts steps through how Drupal 4.7 core was set up; the second one explains how the add-on modules were installed and configured; and the third one explains how the site's custom theme was produced. These videos are available for public viewing under a Creative Commons license.