Portfolio: Lonely Planet


Web services, data migration, and Drupal module development.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the world's leading publisher of travel guides and phrasebooks. I spent most of 2008 working for Lonely Planet remotely in a freelance capacity, while the company was undertaking a massive redesign and redevelopment of its entire web presence. I was part of the "LP labs" group, which was responsible for the more experimental of the new features that were going into the revamped web presence at the time.

I spent most of my time with Lonely Planet working on the iPhone phrasebook app that was launched in late 2008. I developed a set of scripts to import thousands of phrases (in about 10 languages) from CSV files into a database, to perform complex queries on the phrases, and to expose the phrase querying as a web service for use by the iPhone app dev team.

I also developed a prototype Reputation API, a generic system designed to calculate and to monitor the reputation of users on a typical community site. the prototype was developed as a Drupal module, with a view to ultimately being deployed on Lonely Planet's new Drupal-powered main site.