Portfolio: Live local


Complete Drupal site development and deployment.

Live local

As the site's slogan says, "live local is a place to share stories and ideas about improving your community". Live local is the brainchild of Dave Gravina (now my boss at Digital Eskimo) and Piers Dawson-Damer. It's a community site that aims to encourage people to be more involved in their local neighbourhood, and to make their local area more sustainable. Anyone can contribute their story — stories on the site are known as "experiments".

I was initially hired as a freelancer, to build live local as a Drupal site in three weeks. After that, I joined Digital Eskimo full-time as a developer. Live local was the first true "community" Drupal site that I built, and I was extremely proud of it, not only because of the size and the vibrancy of its user base, but also because it's such a great cause. The live local community remains active and passionate, and the site continues to grow ever larger.