LASR Qualtrics

Complete Flask app development and deployment.

Qualtrics (originally called Qualmetrics) is an online learning app, that allows students to complete a set of surveys on, and to see a graphical overview of their completed survey activity progress within a course. This app was built for the UNSW Learning and Teaching Unit, and was used in a pilot course by the UNSW COFA faculty. The app is built with Flask. In my capacity as a full-time employee at Vector 5, I was the lead developer on this project.

Qualtrics was the third app built on Vector 5's LASR platform. Like other LASR apps, it uses LTI for single sign-on from Coursera, Moodle, and other LMSes. Qualtrics extended LASR's LTI capability to include grade writeback per activity. It also heavily integrates with surveys can be imported via the Qualtrics API, and survey responses and grades are retrieved via the Qualtrics API in order to determine a student's activity progress.