Portfolio: LASR Qualtrics


Complete Flask app development and deployment.

LASR Qualtrics

Qualtrics (originally called Qualmetrics) is an online learning app, that allows students to complete a set of surveys on qualtrics.com, and to see a graphical overview of their completed survey activity progress within a course. This app was built for the UNSW Learning and Teaching Unit, and was used in a pilot course by the UNSW COFA faculty. The app is built with Flask. In my capacity as a full-time employee at Vector 5, I was the lead developer on this project.

Qualtrics was the third app built on Vector 5's LASR platform. Like other LASR apps, it uses LTI for single sign-on from Coursera, Moodle, and other LMSes. Qualtrics extended LASR's LTI capability to include grade writeback per activity. It also heavily integrates with qualtrics.com: surveys can be imported via the Qualtrics API, and survey responses and grades are retrieved via the Qualtrics API in order to determine a student's activity progress.