Portfolio: LASR Platform


Complete Flask app development and deployment.

LASR Platform

The LASR (Learning Application Syndication & Reporting) Platform (originally called SynPla, for "Syndication Platform") is an app that allows for the creation of online learning site instances. This app was built for the UNSW Learning and Teaching Unit. The app is built with Flask. In my capacity as a full-time employee at Vector 5, I was the lead developer on this project.

LASR itself is responsible for managing users and instances. Other apps that build upon LASR (such as eJournal, eLearner, and Qualtrics) are responsible for actual online learning functionality. The LASR Platform provides an API for these apps to leverage. LASR is designed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) app: multiple organisations (i.e. universities or similar) can be defined in the back-end, and each of these organisations then has an admin instance which exists on its own subdomain, and which can have its own styling and branding.