Portfolio: LASR eLearner


Complete Flask app development and deployment.

LASR eLearner

eLearner (originally called "Interactive Learning") is an online learning app that allows students to complete quizzes containing multiple-choice questions. This app was built for the UNSW School of Mechanical Engineering, and was used for reinforcement learning in the school's undergraduate courses. The app is built with Flask. In my capacity as a full-time employee at Vector 5, I was the lead developer on this project. This was done in collaboration with The Farm Digital, who were responsible for the front-end design; and with Refraction Media, who were responsible for the content and structure of the pilot quizzes.

eLearner was the second app to be built on Vector 5's LASR platform. Due to the clients' specific design and branding requirements, it was the first LASR app to allow different themes to be applied to different site instances, which has since become a key feature of the platform. It was also the first LASR app to offer detailed graphical reports of student metrics within a site instance (using the NVD3 charting library).