Portfolio: KHS 2001 French Trip


Complete site design and development.

KHS 2001 French Trip

This site was created as an album for my trip to France, which I went on with my school's Year 10 French class, in September 2001. The site contains a number of sections, and I originally planned to get all the sections populated with content, as a collaborative effort with the rest of my tripmates. However, the only section that ended up getting populated was the photo gallery.

The site's design is simple, and styled reasonably in accordance with the theme of the trip. It is, sadly, all table-based; but I had at least started using plain-text HTML editors by this time, so it's not tag-soup, and it does still look fine on modern browsers. The site was also recently migrated over to GreenAsh, and it's former home at Free Web Space Inc has been closed down.