Portfolio: Hampy


Complete drupal site design, development, and deployment.


Hampy is a non-profit organisation based in Cusco, Peru, whose main mission is to provide volunteer and study opportunities to foreign visitors in the area, and thus to help local communities with a number of important projects. Hampy's previous web site was written using basic HTML, with a small amount of ASP.NET for server-side includes of common page template elements. The site was being maintained by hand, using Adobe Dreamweaver, which was less than ideal for the non-technical administrators of the organisation. Information architecture, design usability, internationalisation, asset management, and maintainability were all in need of improvement.

While travelling in Cusco as part of my world trip, I spent three weeks working to completely revamp the Hampy web site. I designed a new layout for the site, worked with the organisation to design a new site map, and gave the site a brand-new, Drupal-powered backend. The new site has such features as: easy adding and updating of page content; generation of summary tables listing the organisation's current projects; easy management of page translations (the whole site is in English, Spanish, and Dutch); and ability for alumni volunteers to register and to submit feedback, and to have their profiles and feedback listed in a directory. I developed the new site as a volunteer for Hampy, free of charge, and on location in Cusco, Peru.