Portfolio: Digital Eskimo


WordPress development, templating and deployment.

Digital Eskimo

Digital Eskimo is a web design agency based in Surry Hills, Sydney. Since freelancing at DE as the developer of live local in Jan 2009, I've been employed full-time at "The Igloo". Digital Eskimo practices a unique methodology, known as "considered design", which encompasses user-centred design, detailed scoping / stakeholder research, and agile development. It's also a sustainable company, in terms of both internal operations and clientele.

One of my first projects as an employee of Digital Eskimo was to redevelop the company's own web site. Their old site was an outdated Flash affair, and this was converted to a WordPress site sporting a clean, minimalist design. This was my first ever WordPress project (I've done a few since then). In the months following the launch of the new site, we received positive feedback, the site's visitor stats improved significantly, and business began to boom.