Portfolio: DAAO


Django / MongoDB data importing.


DAAO (Design and Art Australia Online) is a new online Australian artwork and artist database. It's funded and supported by a number of government and educational bodies, including the Australian Research Council, and the UNSW College of Fine Arts. The site was designed by House of Laudanum, and developed by The Interaction Consortium (both of whom I worked closely with). In my capacity as a full-time contractor at UNSW, I was tasked with developing several scripts to import large custom data sets into the DAAO.

DAAO is built with Django, and it uses MongoDB (primarily) as its back-end. As such, I came to learn MongoEngine quite intimately. The majority of the import scripts that I wrote were for feeding in CSV data, although some also queried JSON data from custom web service APIs. Many of the scripts performed low-level data cleanup as part of their import routine.