Portfolio: Citect


Joomla! / php development.


Citect is a software company that produces SCADA (and related) solutions for industrial companies, such as manufacturers. I spent over 2 months working full-time at Citect's headquarters, here in Sydney Australia, working on their web site, which is built on the Joomla! CMS. I generally prefer to work with Drupal when it comes to CMSes, but in this case, the stars were aligned (so to speak) in such a way that I couldn't refuse this job.

I helped Citect in migrating key functionality out of their aging MySource sub-site, and into their Joomla!-based main site. I used and customised Joomla! extensions such as VirtueMart (for E-Commerce) and DocMan (for download management) in order to do this. I also wrote scripts to allow for data migration out of MySource, and I set up a new staging and deployment environment for the site.