Portfolio: Biopolítica


Complete Drupal site development with internationalisation.


Biopolítica is an international research network of social science academics who study the realm of Biopolitics, particularly as attributed to the French social theorist Michel Foucault. The network has recently based itself at the UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, since its organisers joined the University full-time; it was previously based at the Instituto de Humanidades, part of the Universidad Diego Portales (in Chile). The group commissioned a new web site to replace its ageing web presence. The site is built with Drupal. In my capacity as a full-time contractor at UNSW, I was the lead developer on this project.

The site's main feature is that it is multi-lingual: almost all of the content is in both English and Spanish. Drupal's various "i18n" (internationalisation) modules provide the necessary features for this, such as translation management, the ability to switch languages on a given page, and path prefixing. Other than that, it's a fairly standard Drupal affair: it has a news / events archive; a publications listing; and a book review library.